We formed and established the group in 2015 last year. However, this new blog site of ours was created early 2016. Our aim is to provide a voice for Australian homeowners. We are a non for profit club who have the passion to keep homeownerships in Australia as something to treasure and something to be proud of.

Make no mistake, like many other things in life: owning a house can have its ups and downs. Whilst we celebrate the highs, we should also plough through the lows. With the support of like minded individuals within this club, you can be rest assured that you are not alone. Sharing the commonality of owning a home will hopefully provide a basis to look out for one another.

This blog aims to provide a sort of platform for visitors to share their journey of owning their own home. Also this blog will also provide invaluable information in relation to owning a home.

Visitors are always welcome here, so feel free to drop in whenever you can. If you truly love this site, why not join us? By registering your interest in our club, you will receive offers and relevant news via email.